They Also Served – World War 2

A number of men have been identified as having “Also Served” either from publications such  as “The Sleaford Gazette” or from addendums to “The 1939 Register”.

Some information is also available from family history sites and CWGC Records. Where appropriate this has been included, although in view of the sensitivity of data that may exist still, only one or two generations on, caution has been used on what to publish.

With no Census in 1941 it is hard to say what the population was at the start of the 2nd World War. However, analysis of the 1939 National Register, taken in England and Wales on 29 September 1939, shows a total of 1608 persons within the Ruskington Parish, 610 males, 659 females, with the details of 339 others redacted, as the record of anyone born less than 100 years ago is closed unless they are known to have died. 

Registration of members of the armed forces was dealt with by the military authorities, so the 1939 Register does not include service personnel in military establishments, but does include those living in the village and working in (e.g.) RAF Cranwell and RAF Digby.

As conscription did not begin in earnest until January 1940, most people who subsequently served in the armed forces during the Second World War were still civilians in September 1939.

Men of the village who enlisted in the His Majesty’s Armed Forces have been divided into 4 Alphabetical lists:

          Surnames: A to F ⇒      

         Surnames: G to L ⇒

        Surnames: M to R ⇒

        Surnames: S to Z ⇒

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Men and women who had served during the War were presented with a Certificate on behalf of their grateful villagers on their return. Presumably this was initiated by the Ruskington Parish Council.



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