They Also Served – The Great War

Ruskington Roll of Honour:Roll of Honour

On the 27th November 1915 ‘The Lincolnshire Chronicle’  published a full page spread showing the photos and basic details of 49 men of Ruskington who had enlisted in the various branches of the armed forces.

A copy of this page has survived since that time and after re-framing in 2014 can be viewed on the North wall of All Saint’s Church, Ruskington, by the side of the War Memorial.

Of the 49 men photographed, 14 were ultimately to give their lives in the Great War.

These were:Full page

Their details and military service can be viewed by way of the menu at the top of the page or CLICK name above. The individual’s page also contains a scanned copy of the published photograph.

Earlier in the same year the photos of 15 more of Ruskington’s brave volunteers were also published.

Roll of Honour 2Pt. William C. CUNNINGTON and Pt. Frederick Henry START were to join the ranks of those men who paid the Supreme Sacrifice.

N.B. The local Press carried many more references to men as the joined up.

Those Who Also Served:

Men of the village who enlisted in the His Majesty’s Armed Forces have been divided into 5 Alphabetical lists:

Surnames: A to F ⇒      

Surnames: G to L ⇒

Surnames: M to R ⇒

Surnames: S to V ⇒

Surnames: W to Z ⇒

[ N.B. Research into the men of Ruskington who served in the Great War is on-going and it is fully expected that these lists will be added to as time goes on.]